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Discover Boone County Media Policy

Purpose: This policy outlines the Discover Boone County’s guidelines for capturing and using photographs, videos, and other forms of media taken at events, which will be used for promoting tourism, events, and other related activities across Boone County, IN and other platforms.

1. Notification & Consent:

1.1. Notification of photography will be posted on the event guidelines page, social media platform or website informing attendees that photography and videography are taking place. Attendees consent to being photographed and recorded for use by Discover Boone County for future promotional purposes.

1.2. If an attendee does not want to be photographed or recorded, they can inform the event staff or the photographer on site.

1.3. For small-scale events or one-on-one interactions, verbal consent should be obtained before taking an individual’s photograph.

2. Usage of Media:

2.1. All captured media may be used across various promotional platforms including, but not limited to, social media, print media, digital advertisements, brochures, and the BCCVB website.

2.2. Media will be used exclusively for promoting and highlighting the attractions, events, and tourism opportunities in Boone County, IN.

3. Storage & Retention:

3.1. All media files will be securely stored with restricted access.

3.2. Media will be retained for a duration of ten years, after which they will be reviewed for relevance and either archived or deleted.

4. Opt-out Policy:

4.1. If any individual wishes to have their photograph or video removed from our promotional materials, they may contact Discover Boone County via

5. Liability:

5.1. By attending the event, attendees grant Discover Boone County the irrevocable right to use their likeness for promotional purposes. BCCVB will not be held responsible for any claims or complaints arising from the use of such media unless it breaches the terms outlined in this policy.

6. Rights & Ownership:

6.1. All media captured remains the property of Discover Boone County. Third parties or attendees may not use or reproduce such media without explicit permission from Discover Boone County.

7. Changes to the Policy:

7.1. Discover Boone County reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. Any modifications will be communicated to the stakeholders and will be effectively updated on our official platforms.