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Event Planners

The Discover Boone County awards grants to those organizations who sponsor events, festivals and annual attractions or who work to promote and grow tourism in Boone County.

The Discover Boone County Board of Directors will review grant applications twice a year. The first cycle has applications due 1/31/2024, reviewed in March for events occurring April 2024 – August 2024. The second cycle has applications due 6/30/2024, reviewed in August for events occurring September 2024 – March 2025.

This includes separate applications for those organizations holding more than one event in a calendar year.

Event/festival planners new to Boone County are welcome to get more information about the Discover Boone County grant process as well as our many tourism/event opportunities from Executive Director, Allyson Gutwein at

For complete information on the Discover Boone County Grant Process, please read the Grant Guidelines.

Grant Application Form

Eclipse Grant Application Form

Grant Recipient Final Report Form